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States of Alderney opens 2022 with a fresh vision for the future - 17th January 2022

Press Release

Date: 17 January 2022

Issued at 0940 hrs

States of Alderney opens 2022 with a fresh vision for the future.

The initial draft of the Island Plan was presented as a report to the January 2022 States of Alderney meeting for discussion and noting by Policy and Finance Deputy Chairman Ian Carter on behalf of the Island Plan Group.

The plan, heavily influenced by the autumn community consultation, shows what the community and Members think is important to focus on over the coming years.

As a 'living document', it will be revised to accommodate changes with progress reviewed and reported every six months. It serves as a roadmap to focus time and resources effectively.
"Disappointingly, due to the current Covid guidance, the States meeting was held online and there was no prior People's Meeting which would have enabled further comment to have been made on the key themes with their associated goals and action plans," said Mr Carter. "However, as a dynamic responsive plan further feedback will always be welcome."

The document covers six key themes of Economy, Energy, Accessibility and Connectivity, Community Development, Environment and Governance.

Each aspect of the Plan is the responsibility of a States Committee or Task Group with associated Civil Service support to work on priorities.

The States supported the idea of a six-monthly review to report to the community so that Islanders will have the opportunity for ongoing community engagement and input into what is expected to be a sustainable framework for action over the coming years.