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Press Release - Alderney's Rocking Romans 07.04.2022

Rocking Romans invade Alderney

Ancient history came to life when Years 5 & 6 re-enacted what they had learned during a day out of the classroom at Alderney's famous Roman Fort at The Nunnery heritage site.

Eighteen children from St Anne's School and their teacher Maxine Simeone were granted special permission by the States of Alderney for their 'invasion'.

After a tour of the historic site and its exhibits, they put on a special show for parents and friends entitled 'Rocking Romans', a whistle-stop tour in song about the Romans in Britain.

Their day included a lesson by Dr Isabel Picornell on the discoveries made in last year's archaeological dig at the Fort, which is due to resume next month.

The children are pictured with their teacher (centre, rear) at the Fort.