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Government and Administration

The Channel Islands have never been subject to the British Parliament and have always been self-governing units under the direct rule of the Crown acting through the Privy Council. According to constitutional custom, the Crown does not interfere in Island politics, save when some vital constitutional change is necessary, and never in local affairs. Bureaucracy barely exists in the Channel Islands and least of all in Alderney. In this respect the political position of Alderney is unique in the British Commonwealth.


Alderney is a self-governing, democratic territory and one of the principal Islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The Island is outside the EC and is also a British off-shore finance centre to the larger islands.

The United Kingdom looks after the Channel Islands in the fields of Foreign Affairs, Defence, and the Islands' association with the European Union (EU).

The States of Alderney (the Legislature) consists of a President and ten States Members.

The President chairs the monthly States Meetings and stands for election every four years. The current president, Mr William Tate was elected to office on the 21st June 2019.

States Members hold office for a period of four years and in alternate years there is an "Ordinary Election" at which five of the sitting members may offer themselves for re-election. Thus, continuity at all levels is maintained and represents a stable, experienced parliamentary body.

Routine matters of Government are performed by three Committees, Policy & Finance, General Services and Building & Development Control, which deal with all aspects of the Island's finances and day-to-day administration.

In addition, two States of Alderney Representatives are full members of the Guernsey States of Deliberation and take part in the Government of the Bailiwick with full voting rights.


The Bailiwick of Guernsey implements all international sanctions measures. 

In Alderney this is done by way of Bailiwick - wide legislation and also by way of individual Ordinances made by the States of Alderney which operate independently of, but in effect mirror, corresponding Ordinances for Guernsey and Sark.  In the case of most sanctions that impose import and export restrictions, the competent authority throughout the Bailiwick is the States of Guernsey Home Department.

For financial sanctions, the competent authority throughout the Bailiwick is the States of Guernsey Policy Council except for a small number of cases where the competent authority is HM Procureur. Any queries on financial sanctions should be directed to the Policy Council in the first instance.

Contact details and further information about sanctions is available on the States of Guernsey website at  Note that this website provides links to Guernsey Ordinances which do not apply to Alderney. The corresponding Ordinances for Alderney are available at