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Offshore eCommerce

Offshore Company Benefits

To facilitate establishing a global e-commerce, e-gaming or e-betting presence, the States of Alderney has passed legislation to further the development of e-commerce on the island and to support the electronic transactions of business in a straightforward, non-bureaucratic form.

The Alderney Company law is modern, user-friendly legislation drafted with e-commerce operations in mind. It aims to ensure that company incorporation is not subject to unnecessary delays.

Tax Advantages

Maximum 20% tax on company profits, likely to be reduced to 0% by the year 2008 or earlier.
Low personal income tax - again maximum 20% and generous personal allowances on income of persons who live on the island.
No Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods imported from any EU country.

A number of companies in the finance sector have established successful back office operations on the Island.

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