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  • Land Use Plan Review 2017

    Friday 17 February 2017

  • Press Release - Alderney Marine Forum Community Engagement Strategy launched

    Thursday 16 February 2017

    For immediate release: 16th February 2017

    The Alderney Marine Forum is launching a consultation to engage the community in the development of a marine management plan for Alderney. From 20th February, postal surveys will be posted to each Alderney household to encourage residents to share their views. The Forum invites views on the sea, how people use it and any priorities they may have for the sea around Alderney in the future. Survey participants are requested, where possible, to return their responses to the dedicated post boxes at the Island Hall and Harbour Officer by the 20th March.

    On the 22nd of February, Dr Steve Fletcher and colleagues from the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, will attend the next meeting of the Forum and represent the Forum in conducting interviews with marine stakeholders. Street surveys will also be conducted to collect information from as many Alderney community members as possible. The information collected from these surveys and interviews will be used to inform the development of a marine management plan for the sustainable use of the sea around Alderney.

    Dave McAllister, Chair of the Forum:

    "The Alderney Marine Forum is excited to be engaging with the Alderney community in this important survey and we look forward to local support. Alderney's sea is one of the island's most valuable assets and we need to recognise the importance both from a commercial/economical perspective as well as heritage/wildlife perspective".

    More information can be found at


    Note to editors:

    Please contact Catherine Veron, States of Alderney on 07781 164828 or for further information. Interviews can be arranged with Dave McAllister and Dr Steve Fletcher on the afternoon of 22nd February 2017.

  • Press Release - Memorandum of Understanding with Aurigny and the States Trading Supervisory Board

    Thursday 16 February 2017

    For immediate release: 15th February 2017

    States of Alderney representatives recently attended the quarterly meeting of the Overseeing Board for the Memorandum of Understanding with Aurigny and the States Trading Supervisory Board in Guernsey.

    All three parties have signed the Memorandum, which has been revised this year to include around 150 additional rotations by Aurigny on both the Southampton (100) and Guernsey (50) lifeline routes. The core schedules set out in the MoU have also been updated to reflect as far as possible feedback from Alderney's Chamber of Commerce and, following suggestions from the States of Alderney, Aurigny's on-line reservations system has been modified to improve flight connection opportunities to Alderney through Guernsey.

    Re-committing to the Memorandum, Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee said:-

    "While the Memorandum is not a watertight legally binding agreement between the parties, it provides an effective mechanism for setting out clearly what is expected from each party in terms of the lifeline air links between Alderney and Guernsey and Alderney and Southampton. So far we have very much concentrated on the capacity and scheduling of the services, and there is widespread hope on Alderney that the schedules and capacities for 2017 much more accurately reflect the Island's needs than those operated in 2015 and 2016. This is very good news for the Alderney Community and its economy.

    While fully committed to the MoU, this is not the end of the story for the States, or indeed for the other parties. Three further important matters will need to be considered in the next few meetings; these are:

    • fares and their structures (recognising that this is a complex issue and that 'economic enablement' is a key issue);
    • a practical trigger for ensuring that when all the scheduled services become fully booked, this can be brought to the attention of management and the SoA and arrangements can be made for instigating additional services - as provided for in the MoU; and
    • the evolution of the MoU towards the objective of establishing openly tendered Public Service Obligations for both the Guernsey and Southampton lifeline routes.

    We will be working with the States of Guernsey to ensure these issues are taken forward within the wider context of the Strategic Review of Aurigny that is being carried out at the moment.

    It is worth commenting that while there has been on island criticism of Aurigny in recent years, this has very largely revolved around the very protracted and traumatic transition period from the Trislander fleet to the Dornier aircraft. We have recently received confirmation that the 2nd New Generation Dornier is now due for delivery in mid-May, which is several months ahead of schedule.

    At this point we will finally be at the end of the very difficult transition period, and we can look forward to having two new state of the art Dorniers on the Guernsey -Alderney and Alderney-Southampton routes, backed up by the two Classic Dorniers. At that point we hope that Alderney can put much of the troubles of the past couple of years well and truly behind it, as we push for very much needed growth back in the visitor economy."