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  • Press Release - Scheduled Passenger Movements 07.05.2019

    Tuesday 07 May 2019

    For immediate release: 7th May 2019

    Scheduled Passenger Movements

    Latest scheduled passenger movement statistics for the period 1 January to 30 April show a 6% growth in passenger movements over the same period last year. A breakdown of the figures is as follows:

    Total year to date (1 January to 30 April): 14,205 movements as compared to 13,382 movements over the same period in 2018. This represents a 6.2% increase.

    Guernsey Service: 8,465 movements as compared to 8,201 movements over the same period in 2018. This represents a 3.2% increase.

    Southampton Service: 5,740 movements as compared to 5,181 movements over the same period in 2018. This represents a 10.8% increase.

    Commenting on these latest statistics, James Dent, Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee said:

    'Whilst it is still early in the year, these promising figures indicate that the decline in passenger movements over recent years has been halted and that passenger numbers are increasing once again which, hopefully, will be sustained. These latest statistics are another indication of the green shoots that are now appearing in the Island's economy and highlight how important reliable, direct air services are to the Island.'

    States Member Christian Harris who is Chairman of the recently constituted Tourism and Economic Development Committee stated:

    'Release of these latest figures is very welcome news. While analysis of who is travelling is currently being undertaken, the growth cannot be all down to residents travelling more frequently and must also reflect greater numbers of leisure and business visitors coming to the Island. What is also good news is the start of the Little Ferry Service in just two weeks' time. This will further enhance passenger numbers this year over last year when the ferry service only commenced operation in mid-July.'


  • Peoples Meeting & States Meeting - May 2019

    Wednesday 01 May 2019

    Peoples Meeting & States Meeting - May 2019



    The People's Meeting will be held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019 in The Island Hall. The meeting will deal with items published on the Billet for the States Meeting on Wednesday 15th May.

    Convenor: Ms Annie Burgess

    The States Meeting will be held at 5:30pm on Wednesday 15th May 2019.

    The Billet d'Etat will be available to the public for purchase from the States General Office at the Island Hall, and copies will be available for viewing at the Library and on the Alderney Website from Friday 3rd May 2019.

  • Press Release - Alderney's Economic Performance 24.04.2019

    Wednesday 24 April 2019

    For immediate release: 24th April 2019

    Alderney's Economic Performance

    The States of Alderney Policy & Finance Committee has welcomed the publication of statistics which demonstrate that good economic progress was made during 2018. The report shows that the population rose by 1.7% and the total number of people employed was up by 2.3%. There was a net addition of 8 employers on the island and property sales rose by 11% in comparison with 2017. Property prices were also on the rise by about 6%.

    Passenger movements to and from Alderney rose by 4% and the Little Ferry service added almost 3,500 passenger movements, 26% of whom were first-time visitors to Alderney. The report also highlights some important investments in Alderney's economy which include a new Luxury Boutique Hotel due to open later this year. Tax income from individuals has risen by 8.5% since 2015, although the overall tax income was affected by volatility in relation to company and dividend taxation.

    Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee, James Dent said "The figures demonstrate that we have turned the corner and things are improving. We recognise that these are small steps and we have a long way to go, but there are strong signs that the economic climate continues to improve into 2019. The announcement of Aurigny's disinvestment in Alderney is a hard blow to take when confidence is increasing elsewhere. The loss of the Operations activity will set back our recovery, and will take away the tax income from seven people which was going into the Bailiwick pot. But we're determined that this won't overshadow the positive news around our economic performance."