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  • Press Release - Plastic Free Workshops 12.11.2019

    Tuesday 12 November 2019

    For immediate release: 12th November 2019

    Plastic Free Workshops for businesses to be held in December

    Alderney businesses are being handed an opportunity to help meet local demand to rid the island of unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics.

    Two Plastic Free Workshops for businesses will be held in the Anne French room at Island Hall on Wednesday December 4th (2-4pm) and Thursday December 5th (6.30-8.30pm), organised by the States of Alderney, Alderney Chamber of Commerce and Alderney Wildlife Trust.

    All local businesses are invited to attend or send a representative.

    "As public concern and awareness for the environment continues to grow, particularly when it comes to plastics, it is in the interest of all businesses to rid themselves of all unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics," said Claire Thorpe of Alderney Wildlife Trust, one of the workshop organisers.

    "With eight in ten consumers trying to reduce their plastic waste, these workshops will give Alderney businesses the chance to share ideas on waste reduction, discuss the issues that are preventing them from reducing plastics and waste, and also look at ways the States of Alderney, Chamber of Commerce and AWT could help."

    There will also be more information about the Plastic Free Champion Awards, open to any business replacing at least three single-use plastic items during the year, with entry forms available at the workshops. All champions will be featured on the States of Alderney website in recognition of their commitment to reducing plastics on the island.

    The organisers hope that by offering an afternoon and an evening workshop on consecutive days a high percentage of businesses will attend. It is also hoped the sessions will be video recorded for those unable to attend in person.

    All participants are asked to take five minutes to fill in an online questionnaire before the workshop to provide a better idea of some of the issues that may come up:

    Please let Laura Baines know if you wish to attend the event: / 01481 820011.


  • Press Release - TV Licence 08.11.2019

    Tuesday 12 November 2019

    For immediate release: 8th November 2019

    Alderney's elderly to lose free TV licence from June 2020

    People reaching the age of 75 will have to pay for their TV licence from June 1st next year, unless they are on means-tested income support. Currently, over-75's get a free TV Licence and those who are currently eligible will continue to do so.

    The Policy & Finance Committee had no choice but to go along with a proposition by the States of Guernsey to end the concession.

    The move follows the UK Government's decision in 2015 to transfer responsibility for free TV licences to the BBC which then announced it would no longer subsidise the licence fee for over-75s, apart from those on Pension Credit. Guernsey and Alderney have no equivalent to Pension Credit.

    There are no plans to alter a separate States of Guernsey-funded scheme to provide a free TV licence to residents over pensionable age - currently 65 - who are on income support. The cost of this scheme is funded by Guernsey's Committee for Employment & Social Security which is now expected to cover the additional cost of free licences for over-75s on income support.

    This means that many of Alderney's population who reach the age of 75 will now have to pay for their TV licence.

    A phased transition funded jointly by Guernsey and the BBC has been in operation since 2016. Those reaching their 75th birthday after September 1st 2016 were not eligible for a free licence although those who were already in receipt of one before then continued to enjoy a free licence.

    Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee consulted the States of Alderney about the implications for over-75s on the island.

    James Dent, Chairman of Policy & Finance, said: "While it is unfortunate for those who would currently have received a free licence when they reach the age of 75, we recognise that the BBC Charter means we have to treat people the same way as those in the UK are treated. We have no choice but to go along with it."


  • Press Release - Charities & NPO's 07.11.2019

    Friday 08 November 2019

    For immediate release: 7th November 2019

    New legislation on the cards for charities and NPOs

    Charities and non-profit organisations (NPOs) are set to face more stringent rules on how they operate under a new registration framework.

    A single register has been proposed to replace the current split registration of charities and NPOs in Guernsey and Alderney and more effectively manage risk while complying with international financial regulations and standards.

    Improved ethical standards and the safeguarding of at-risk groups such as children and the elderly are at the heart of the proposals, supported in principle by Alderney's Policy & Finance Committee. The changes fall into six categories:

    • A targeted, risk-based approach to compulsory registration. Low-risk NPOs may not need to register but some that are currently exempt and are assessed as higher risk will be included.

    • Wider powers to prevent registration being used inappropriately, including the screening of NPO officers.

    • Extension of compulsory governance obligations for registered NPOs, including a new requirement to report overseas transactions above a specified threshold.

    • High standards of ethical conduct in the charity sector, especially for adult safeguarding and child protection.

    • Greater oversight powers for the Registrar of Guernsey & Alderney NPOs, including a wider range of sanctions against those that do not meet their obligations.

    • New clear and concise legislation to put the registration framework into action.

    The current framework was introduced to counter money-laundering, financial crime and terrorist financing but a review has identified the need to introduce new rules on standards and governance.

    The new legislation aims to provide "a legal and operational framework for NPOs that promotes transparency, integrity and confidence in the sector and is clear, easy to understand and proportionate to the risks of the sector."

    As the proposal is to create a single register, the framework would include a "charitable test" to distinguish between NPOs that can be considered a charity and those that are not, as well as enabling charities to be separately specified.

    However, the proposal recognises that there are NPOs in Guernsey and Alderney that do not need to covered by the new framework, such as sports and social clubs operated by employers solely for the benefit of employees and residential associations financing the upkeep of communal areas.

    The threshold at which registration applies is likely to be set at £100,000 of assets or funds, or gross annual income of £20,000 or more, thus exempting many fundraising events in Alderney.

    Alderney charities and NPOs can access the 13-page States of Guernsey Policy & Resources letter below.


    NOTE TO EDITORS: An NPO is defined as any organisation established either for the non-financial benefit of its members or for the benefit of society, including organisations established for fraternal, educational, cultural or religious purposes, or for the carrying out of any other types of good works.