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  • Press Release - Alderney Runway

    Thursday 19 April 2018

    For immediate release: 19th April 2018

    Policy and Finance Chairman, James Dent has warmly welcomed an intervention by the Guernsey President of Economic Development, Charles Parkinson, about the rehabilitation of the Alderney airport runway.

    The importance of moving ahead quickly on the runway was raised by Alderney politicians at the Alderney Liaison Group last week. Two Deputies from Guernsey - Deputy Tindall and Deputy Mooney took up the matter following the meeting and expressed their concern about a possible delay to the runway work until 2020.

    Charles Parkinson has pointed out the critical relationship between the runway work and the Public Service Agreement and has written to Deputy Brouard to ask him to ensure that a clear timetable for the runway rehabilitation is set out before the end of June.

    James Dent said "We are pressing very hard for this investment to be accelerated. The approvals process has been tortuously slow and the delays cannot continue. I'm pleased that we are gaining traction and support with many of our political colleagues in Guernsey. Now is the time for the Policy and Resources Committee to act decisively and give the go-ahead to the runway rehabilitation."

    Notes to Editors:
    For further information, please contact the Chief Executive's Office on 01481 820010 or

  • Press Release - Alderney Marine Plan Update

    Wednesday 18 April 2018

    For immediate release: 18 April 2018

    In response to questions from the Alderney Journal regarding the Alderney Marine Plan, which is due to be considered by the full States of Alderney, following agreement by Policy and Finance Committee at its April meeting, the following update is provided:

    The States of Alderney have been made aware by the UK Government (with whom discussions on the Island's Territorial Sea Limits will take place) that it is affording a very high priority to Marine Planning and Management. It is therefore eminently sensible that the island enters such discussions able to demonstrate capacity and capability both within the government and the community to look after its marine resources responsibly in a planned and coherent manner.

    The States of Guernsey's position in respect of its own marine planning is a matter for Guernsey but Guernsey have noted that the course Alderney is proposing in regard to marine planning and management can only help in any future discussions, making clear that the island is well placed to manage an extension to the Island's Territorial Seas. Guernsey have not suggested that Alderney waits on developments in Guernsey.

    If supported by the States of Alderney, the Alderney Marine Plan will deliver an economic and environmental blue print for the community. Providing evidence to the outside world that the Island's waters are well managed, particularly in light of the proposed extension of the territorial waters from 3 nautical miles to 12 nautical miles. The plan sets out a list of priorities, provided by the Alderney community as well as community members of the Alderney Marine Forum.

    These include:

    • sustainable use,
    • environmental conservation and protection,
    • knowledge and understanding,
    • designations (existing and future),
    • local industry,
    • tourism
    • effective management
    • infrastructure and facilities
    • transport
    • community engagement
    • cooperation and collaboration
    • waste management
    • long-term change

    One of the key issues that will be addressed (if supported by the full States of Alderney) is designating Alderney's water as a Locally Managed Marine Area. This is an internationally
    recognized 'light touch' designation under which the local community is recognized as being responsible for the management of a marine area. It is a flexible designation that is focused on sustainable use of marine resources (not only conservation). For example the area could be branded to maximize the marketing value of the designation thereby potentially increasing the market value of fish sold from Alderney. This would effectively put Alderney "on the map", provide a framework for management of Alderney's marine area, increase tourism and add to the Island's environmental reputation.

    More information can be found at A full copy of the Alderney Marine Plan will be made available as soon as ratified by the States of Alderney.


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