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Braye Harbour and the waters which surround it are managed by the States of Alderney Harbour Authority, which is managed by the States of Alderney Harbour Master and his team.

The Harbour Authority is Alderney's operational and administrative body for all matters of a maritime nature. They are responsible for the provision of specialist guidance and expertise to States Committees on matters including but not exclusive to; Maritime Legislation, Territorial Seas, Sea Fisheries and Port Operations.

They are charged with ensuring compliance with relevant regulations associated with both Health and Safety and Maritime legislation.

They are also responsible for the supply and maintenance of the harbour facilities available to all Harbour users and visitors.

In addition, our Harbour Officers provide a year round 24 hour Search and Rescue response service in order to provide a Maritime Rescue Sub Centre for both Channel Island Coastguard and on island emergency operations.

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Visiting Braye Harbour

Les directives pour les visiteurs arrivant de France sont disponibles ici : pdf icon Document en français [250kb].

Due to the high volume of calls being received by the Harbour Authority we would appreciate it if prospective visitors to Braye Harbour could avoid calling the Harbour Office and follow the guidance provided in the relevant pages of the States of Alderney Website. If your question cannot be answered within these pages then please email and await reply*.

*Please note that replies may take several hours to arrive.

Covid Info and FAQ's - Blue Channel Travellers

Can I visit Alderney on my boat?

It is now possible for visitors to sail to Alderney from the UK. However, all crew members must have:

  1. Received 2 doses of either of the Covid 19 vaccinations for a minimum of 14 days and be able to provide proof of this.
  2. Logged into and completed Travel Tracker on the States of Guernsey's website 48 hours before departure.
  3. Completed the Braye Harbour Booking pdf icon IT2A form [304kb] and returned it to  48 hours before arrival. 

Will I be able to come straight ashore?

Upon arrival you must proceed to a yellow visitor mooring inside of the Breakwater where you must remain until you're processing window which will be at 0900 - 1000 or as designated by the Welcome Team. Processing hours have now been reduced due to the lack of demand, so it is important to give plenty of notice when planning your trip. If you require guidance or directions upon arrival, please call Port Control on VHF channel 74 or telephone 01481 820070.

How do I get ashore?

From the 4th of October 2021, visitors will be required to provide their own method of travel ashore, please contact Port control for advice on landing crew ashore. It is possible that there will be times when landing is not possible due to weather/sea conditions and a lack of suitable berthing options during the winter months.

What is the procedure upon landing?

Upon landing ashore, you will be greeted by a member of the Welcome Team and led to the welcome centre. Once inside the centre you will be required to log back in to travel tracker on either your personal device or an ipad, which will be provided for you. (Top tip - make a note of the log in details you used when filling in travel tracker before you departed).

You will also be required to purchase a lateral flow test (LFT) pack which will cost £25 per person.  There are no isolation requirements for fully vaccinated blue travel travellers.  

After I have been processed...what next?

Providing that the welcome team are satisfied with your travel tracker results you will then be free to move freely about the island and within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. You will be issued a green sticker to be displayed clearly on your vessel to show that you have been processed.

We do still however require you to avoid hospitals and care homes in order to shield the more vulnerable members of our community.

If I'm not fully vaccinated....

Please follow the link for up to date advice.

Travelling to and from the Bailiwick | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (


  • Harbour Moorings

    • There are 70 yellow mooring buoys available to visiting yachtsmen.

    • Mooring fees:
      £20.00 per day
      £5.00 per day for anchorage

    • All other mooring buoys are private and should not be used without the permission from the Harbour Master.

    • The anchorage in the middle of the bay has good holding ground in sand, but there are areas of rock and weed. Towards the entrance of the Harbour, the bottom is generally rockier.

    • Because of the tidal range at Springs (up to 6.9m), a good scope of anchor line should be used, especially if anchoring in shoal areas. It is not permitted to anchor in the Fairway or close to Braye Jetty, or to tie up to Braye Jetty.

  • Harbour Facilities

    • The Harbour Office is at the south west end of the harbour, near the entrance to Little Crabby Harbour. The Dinghy pontoon, dinghy slipway, showers, laundrette, telephones, chandlers and a skip for rubbish are all nearby. The laundrette is in the same building as the showers and uses £1 coins - both are open 24 hours a day in the summer months but the showers are closed in the winter.

    • A water taxi service is run by the Harbour Office. Please call ahead for details.

    • Fresh water is available from alongside Mainbrayce Chandlers and also from a tap at the top of the dinghy slipway and at Braye Jetty by arrangement with the Harbour Office.

    • Mainbrayce Chandlers is accessible to yachts approximately +/-2 hours high water. A tide gauge at the entrance indicates depth of water alongside. Mainbrayce is open 0800-1800 seven days a week in the summer and provides fresh water, diesel, bottled gas, spares and mechanical assistance.

  • Regulations

    • The harbour speed limit is 4 knots, which also applies in Saye, Corblets and Longis bays.

    • It is not permitted to tie up to the commercial quay or the breakwater, nor beach on Braye or Saye bays.

    • For Customs clearance, Braye is the only port of entry and all vessels entering from outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey must complete a customs form - UK forms are not valid.

    • Border Agency must be notified of any animals aboard - UK rules apply.

  • Tide Tables

    • Tide times for 2022 can be downloaded here:

    • pdf icon Tide Table 2021 [76kb]

      Tide times are provided in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So, they can be used as read until Sunday 27 March 2022 and from Sunday 30 October 2022 onwards. However, between those dates you will need to add an hour to the high/low tide times to take into account British Summer Time (BST).

  • Visiting Charter Angling & Diving Vessels Notice

    • All Charter angling and diving vessels that intend to visit Braye Harbour should be aware that the jurisdiction of the MCA does not extend to the Channel Islands and that each of the main Channel Islands has its own Merchant Shipping legislation.

    • The Harbour Authority, who act as the Maritime Authority, will accept your MCA certification and the Alderney Passenger Vessel Licencing Ordinance exempts you from the provisions of local legislation provided that the visit to the Island is in the course of a trip pre-arranged to begin and end at a place outside the Island and that persons join the pre-arranged trip and leave it at a place outside the Island.

    • In plainer English: you must bring your passengers with you and take them away with you. You may not fly your passengers in, ply for hire or take any person that is not part of the compliment bought to the Island by sea on board your vessel. Failure to comply with this Ordinance is a breach of the Merchant Shipping Act and will be dealt with firmly.