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The Department of Economic Development aims to invest its resources in constructing and implementing a framework whereby our Island can secure economic stability, reduce unemployment, increase the standard of living for all residents and in the future achieving economic reward.

Our priority is to work closely with and develop on-island businesses, commerce, industry, hostelry and eateries and gather a consensus where from we can build incrementally on firm foundations to improve our transport links, infrastructure and encourage increase in employment opportunities and relocation to Alderney. Further details on the Islands economic aspirations and goals are included in the Island Plan.

  • Facts & Figures

    • Official statistics for Alderney are compiled by the States of Guernsey Data & Analysis team. The latest reports, which include information on population, employment, earnings and household income, can be found here. All the reports use data sourced from the Rolling Electronic Census, an award winning IT system completed in late 2014, which collates demographic, employment and economic data from several separate States of Guernsey databases.

    • The following page includes the latest Guernsey inflation rates, which are published quarterly by the Data and Analysis team, along with access to further related information: Inflation (Guernsey RPI and RPIX)

  • Setting up a business

    • Alderney has the perfect infrastructure to give small to medium sized businesses what they need and there is a natural fit with eCommerce companies and geographically portable businesses.

    • Regulatory Environment
      The Channel Islands are renowned for the stability of government and for the highest standards of regulation, accompanied by a sound judicial system. The island's government has introduced legislation to facilitate the development of eCommerce on the island and to support the electronic transactions of business in straightforward non-bureaucratic form thus providing an ideal framework.

    • Tax Advantages

      • 0% standard tax rate on company profits from 2008 (10% on Banking activities, 20% on Utilities and 20% on Guernsey/Alderney property income)

      • Low personal income tax (20%) and generous personal allowances on income of persons who live on the island

      • No taxes on trusts whose beneficiaries live outside the island

      • No Value Added Tax on goods imported from any EU country

    • Infrastructure
      Alderney has the perfect infrastructure to give small to medium sized businesses what they need, given the substantial investment in the islands broadband connectivity in the last two years, there is a natural fit with eCommerce companies, geographically portable businesses and other online employment ventures. The island's business environment, in particular its user-friendly company law, has been a key factor in the success of the island's eGaming industry which is world renowned.

    • At present, the most common of eCommerce businesses found on Alderney are those associated with eGaming, many of which are back-office operations. However, there are a number of other entrepreneurial businesses operating on the island.

  • Business Grants & Support

    • Alderney's other major strengths lie in the presence of good business support. The island has no shortage of specialist legal, banking and accountancy expertise on hand and a sound system of company law is in place regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. In addition, company incorporation is not subject to unnecessary delays, set up costs are low and Alderney is in quick and easy reach of the other islands.

    • Grants of up to £2,000 are possible through the States of Alderney to help anyone living in Alderney and wishing to start a successful business in the island.

    • To apply please fill in the application form pdf icon here [229kb] or in the download section of this page.

  • Company & Employment Laws

    • Alderney companies are governed by the provisions of the Companies (Alderney) Law, 1994 which may be viewed at 

    • Some of the features of the Law include:

      • Incorporation may only be effected by using the services of a licenced Corporate Services Provider

      • A minimum membership of one person which may be a natural or legal person

      • A minimum of two officers, which may be corporate if required

      • Provision for the application of standard articles if required

      • Provision for share capital in any currency

      • No provision for the filing of accounting information with the Registrar

    • Register of Beneficial Ownership
      The Registrar keeps a separate Register of Beneficial Ownership which is not available for public inspection and can only be accessed by authorised entities in specific situations governed by the provisions of The Beneficial Ownership of Legal Persons (Alderney) Law 2017 and associated Regulations which may be viewed at

    • For further guidance on the Company Registry go to Alderney Court Office.

  • Regulation

  • Business Directory

    • A list of local businesses and contact details can be found here.