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Health, Social Care & Wellbeing

There is no National Health Service (NHS) in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Services on Alderney are provided through a combination of Guernsey's Committee for Health & Social Care, States of Alderney, and voluntary services. In this section you can find out about services and support that is available on Alderney and in Guernsey .

Since 1975 the States of Guernsey, have been responsible for providing a range of health and social care services in Alderney, mainly based at the 22 bedded Mignot Memorial Hospital (MMH). 

General Practitioners are in private practice and a fee is payable for all consultations in the surgery and within the treatment rooms at the Mignot Memorial Hospital, though residents do get a small grant towards the cost on presentation of their Health Benefit Card.

Dentists, opticians, physiotherapists and chiropodists are also all in private practice, and consultation fees are payable.

All new residents are encouraged to commence Guernsey Social Security payments as soon as possible, as on referral from a GP, this will give entitlement to receive free specialist medical care provided by the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) in Guernsey,  free acute in-patient care at the Mignot Memorial Hospital, and the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey. (Including diagnostic tests etc.)

There is a reciprocal Health Arrangement with the UK, however all visitors, including UK residents to the Island are encouraged to have adequate travel insurance to cover any medical or any other type of eventuality.

Further details are available from the General Office and on the States of Guernsey website

  • Age Concern

    • Age Concern Alderney supports the elderly in the community, such as advice, companionship, transport, financial assistance, outings and holidays.

    • Contact: Barbara Benfield 07781 123637

  • Alderney Care

    • Alderney Care was developed in 2022 as a means of bringing together key stakeholders to develop a new model of care for Alderney based on more integrated and resilient services and closer coordination between providers. This work is overseen by the Alderney Care Board, a political group containing representation from the States of Alderney and the States of Guernsey.

      The underlying intention through Alderney Care is to develop a new model of care which effectively and sustainably meets the needs of the Alderney community. This means developing and implementing plans designed to change services work with each other so to provide the most effective and efficient patient experience with appropriate links - physical and virtual - to the wider Bailiwick health and care system. Delivering care to a population as small as Alderney can be challenging, but we're committed to ensuring dedicated on-island professions and well-established links to Guernsey and beyond.

  • Ambulance Service

    • The Ambulance Service is provided by St John Ambulance and Rescue Service, Guernsey and currently operates two accident and emergency vehicles and four professional ambulance crew.

      It is a patient-focused quality care service, which provides island wide ambulance service and assisting with patient transfers. These medical evacuation transfers are either by rotary or fixed wing aircraft or on an appropriate vessel by sea. The service also provides non-emergency Patient Transfer Service (PTS) upon a Clinician's request.

      As part of the continuous improvement programme, initiatives such as Community First Responders (CFR). CFR are trained members of the community to a provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and use defibrillators enabling a rapid response for a better chance of survival for cardiac arrest patients.

      For non-emergency and non-medical enquiries please contact:



  • Connaught Care Home

    • The Connaught Care Home provide a vast array of on island services such as home help, meals on wheels, bathing services, day care as well as residential care.

    • Contact:

  • Dentist 

    • The dentist is a private practice.

    • Telephone: +44 (0)1481 823131
      Alderney Dental Practice, Venelles du Milieu, Alderney.  

  • Doctors

    • The Island Medical Centre (IMC) is the only doctor's practice on Alderney. They provide all the usual services you would expect to find at any family doctor's practice, including care of minor and major illness, vaccinations and immunisations, advice on health aspect of travel, management of long term conditions, palliative care etc.

    • In common with the rest of the health care system in the Bailiwick of Guernsey the IMC are not part of the UK National Health System, and so your care must be paid for by yourself, health insurance, State contributions or a mixture of these.

    • Telephone: +44 (0)1481 822077 

  • Healthcare for Visitors and Travellers

    • Whether travelling to or from the islands it is important to be aware of the need for healthcare insurance. More details can be found here.

    • The Reciprocal Health Arrangement between the UK and the Channel Islands was reinstated on 1st January 2023.

    • However, while this covers emergency care, all visitors to the Bailiwick of Guernsey which includes Alderney, are advised to take out full travel insurance to cover the cost of any regular medical treatment they require and repatriation costs.

    • Residents visiting the UK, whether for business or personal reasons, will have to pay for healthcare whilst there.  It is, therefore, essential that Alderney residents have full Medical & Travel Insurance for the duration of their visit and ensure that their insurance policy covers for all eventualities.  However, treatment received in an A & E Department, or similar walk-in treatment centre and immediate necessary treatment given by a GP, will not be charged for.

  • Hospital Services

    • Le Mignot Memorial Hospital (MMH) is the centre for all nursing care, being the only nursing establishment on the island. Medical care within the MMH is provided by General Practitioners from the Islands Medical Centre.

    • The Hospital consists of 22 beds, treatment, outpatient, and digital x-ray facilities.

    • Nursing staff from the hospital also provide care for patients in the community that are unable to attend the hospital, or medical practice, for regular dressings or other nursing procedures. Nursing staff are also required to escort patients on air transfers to the PEH in Guernsey.

    • Visiting specialists from the Guernsey Medical Specialist Group, and other Health Professionals from Guernsey's Committee for Health & Social Care, visit Alderney regularly to carry out clinics at MMH, and within the community. It is hoped that the further development of video conferencing equipment facilities will further enhance services provided.

    • One of the key benefits of working in a small community Hospital, such as the MMH, is the high level of teamwork between all medical, nursing and support staff. This leads to a real sense of working together with a common aim to provide the best care possible for our patients.

    • Charges are made for long stay patients and help is available through a means tested scheme if necessary.

    • Visiting hours:
      11.00 - 12.00
      15.00 - 17.00
      19.00 - 20.00
      (There is flexibility depending on the circumstances)

    • For more information on Mignot Memorial Hospital please refer to the pdf icon MMH Patient Handbook [518kb], also available in the downloads section of this page.

      Contact: Le Mignot Memorial Hospital, Crabby, Alderney, GY9 3XY, Channel Islands

      Tel: 01481 822822 (Nursing) or 01481 824415 (Administration)

  • Off-Island Treatment

    • If the specialist care you need is not available in Alderney you may be referred off-island.

    • If this is the case, your consultant will make a request for you to be seen at a hospital or treatment centre in Guernsey or the UK. 

    • A Travel Allowance Grant is available to help with travel costs. See below.

  • Maternity Services

    • Midwives aim to visit the Island Medical Centre every fortnight to provide care to pregnant women and newly delivered mothers and their babies. This service can sometimes be disrupted by weather or technical flight issues.

    • In addition to the routine fortnightly visits, the midwives also arrange further visits if required once a mother and baby returns to Alderney.

    • You can contact Loveridge Ward on tel 01481 224377 ext 4110 at any time of day or night. A midwife is available for advice and support 24/7.

      You can also contact the Island Medical Centre on 01481 822077. Their website has links to health information on a wide range of topics which you may find useful.

      Where will I have my baby?

      Due to the lack of qualified staff and emergency facilities for women in labour in Alderney we do not support births in Alderney.
      All women are invited to have their baby in Guernsey. You can find more information about accommodation during your time in Guernsey  here. [622kb]

      Your partner will be able to stay with you whilst you are in labour and, subject to room availability, will be welcome to stay on with you after you have delivered your baby.

      For more guidance please visit:

  • Mental Health

    • Alderney Older Adult Mental Health Services
      The Older Adult Community Mental Health Team (OACMHT) is dedicated and committed, to providing a comprehensive service to all islanders over the age of 65, whether that is for a functional or organic mental illness. A mental health nurse visits Alderney for two days, every four weeks subject to demand. Clinics are held, by appointment only, in the Mignot Memorial Hospital, as well as house visits when required, and a monthly clinic is also held in the Connaught Care Home. The nurse works closely with staff across all sectors in health and social care settings providing support, teaching and advice as and when required.

    • As poor weather in winter can affect travelling to Alderney, video call conferences can be arranged between the Oberlands Centre and the Mignot Memorial Hospital. Contact Marc Sumner 01481 822822 for details.

    • The mental health nurse may also signpost clients to the voluntary sector in Alderney for more robust support on island. These services are not only for those individuals who may be living with a mental illness, but also for their carer's. Services may include;

    • The Connaught Care Home, who provide a vast array of on island services such as home help, meals on wheels, bathing services, day care as well as residential care. Contact:

    • Milly's Foundation, Alderney's Dementia Charity providing training and support for professionals and carers. Contact: Connaught Care Home

    • Age Concern Alderney supports the elderly in the community, such as advice, companionship, transport, financial assistance, outings and holidays. Contact Barbra Benfield 07781 123637

    • Alderney MIND
      Alderney Mind is an affiliate of Guernsey Mind (an organisation formed in 1977) and a member of the Mind UK Federation Network, which means we can draw on their resources and expertise to help support the mental wellbeing of Alderney's residents and visitors. We are an independent charity which relies on volunteers and fundraising, and all funds are spent on delivering services locally.

    • Our vision is of a society that has a positive attitude towards mental wellbeing and where the community embraces respect for all. Our goal is to promote positive mental health for the community by campaigning locally to improve services, raise awareness and encourage understanding.

    • We update our services regularly so please get in touch if you would like more information about what we are doing or if you would like to become involved and join our amazing team of volunteers.

    • For more guidance please visit:

    • Contact:
      Telephone:  01481 722959

  • Prescriptions

    • Prescription medicines are available to residents on payment of a prescription charge of £4.60 per item.

    • People over the age of 65 years or in receipt of Supplementary Benefit are exempt from this payment and must sign the declaration on the back of the prescription.

  • Travelling Allowance Grant

    • The travelling allowance grant is provided through Social Security.  This grant is available to help with travel costs if you need to go off-island for treatment which is not available in Alderney.

    • If you are referred for medical treatment, you will need to take your hospital appointment letter to the General Office. The States Office will then arrange your travel with you or refer you to the Health Benefits team at Social Security.

    • For patients under 18, Social Security can pay for 1 adult to accompany a child to a medical appointment, 2 escorts can be funded for patients under the age of 6

    • For further information, please contact the General Office.

For further guidance please visit: