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Finance Group

The Finance Committee is a sub-committee of the Policy & Finance Committee. 

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    • 1. to assist the Policy & Finance Committee in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to; financial reporting, policies, strategies and activities, and financial risk management. This responsibility is carried out in accordance with approved States of Alderney (SoA) policies and procedures that comply with generally accepted accounting principles determined under the Government of Alderney Law, 2004 and the accounting practices that most suitably reflect this law.  

    • 2. to be responsible on an ongoing basis to provide advice to enhance the quality of the Policy & Finance Committee's discussions on financial matters and facilitate effective decision-making on the suitability and appropriateness of SoA's financial strategy and policies within the context of the States of Alderney's overall strategic objectives, as set by the Policy & Finance Committee. 

    • 3. to review:

      i)                    States of Alderney's financial plans and budgets;

      ii)                   Financial performance against budget;

      iii)                 Funding, banking and other financing arrangements;

      iv)                 The financial viability of capital projects and other major commitments;

      v)                   The financial scrutiny of States assets.


  • Delegated Items

    • Items delegated by the Policy & Finance Committee to the Finance Group:

    • 1. The postage stamp and coin issues and design approvals

    • 2. Minor Grants not exceeding £5,000

    • 3. The States investments' portfolio acting as the 'Investments Panel'

    • 4. The States pension schemes 

    • 5. The organisation of the appropriate audit functions of the States

    • 6. To investigate external financing for capital projects

  • Meetings

    • The Finance Group meets at least five times a year. A calendar is available via the downloads section on this page. 
      Additional meetings can be arranged as necessary on the instruction of the Chairman.

  • Agendas and minutes

    • Agendas and minutes relating to past and forthcoming meetings can be accessed via this page

  • Data Protection

    • For details regarding how the Committee processes personal data, please see the Data Protection page.