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Do I need Planning/Building Permission?

Not all development and building work requires planning permission or the issuing of a Building Regulation Licence. Further information regarding work that does not require planning or building permission can be found here.

The Building and Development Control (Exemptions) (Alderney) Ordinance, 2007 sets out what development can be carried out without requiring the specific grant of planning permission.


  • Building Regulation Exemptions

    • The following may be exempt from the need for a Building Regulation Licence:

    • ⇒ Conservatory or sun lounge     ⇒ Covered yard or way

    • ⇒ Shed or greenhouse                  ⇒ Greenhouses

    • ⇒ Carport                                        ⇒ Temporary buildings

    • ⇒ Porch                                           ⇒ Ancillary buildings

    • ⇒ Detached garage

    • Detailed information can be found in the pdf icon Exempt Buildings and Works [613kb] and if the work you intend to undertake falls under one of these groups you can submit an  pdf icon Exempt Work Notification Form [309kb] filling out the necessary information.

    • Some works are seen as non notifiable. These can be found in guidance notes pdf icon 02_Non_Notifiable_2018 [135kb].

    • If you are not the owner of the property or land please ensure you have owner's authority. Please submit the completed and signed  pdf icon Owners Declaration [295kb] with your enquiry.

    • The building regulation exemptions, are set out in Schedule 2 of the pdf icon The Building (Alderney) Regulations, 2014 [261kb]

    • These exemptions apply to Building regulations only. There is a separate legal requirement to make an application for planning permission. There are limited exemptions from the need to make a planning application which are set out above in Planning exemptions.

    • Further advice is available from the Planning Office.

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