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States Works

The States Works Department looks after general maintenance and contracting services to the States of Alderney using the expertise of the predominantly manual workforce and specialist vehicles and equipment.

The department provides electrical support, civil engineering and building services, waste and recycling and upkeep of parks and grounds.

 All this contributing to ensure the safety and security of the island's natural and built environment.

  • Benches, Troughs and Plaques

    • There are over 120 benches around the island, along with historic cattle troughs and memorial plaques which are all maintained by States Works.

  • Dog Poo Bins

    • Dog fouling is the most offensive type of litter on our island. It is anti-social, unhygienic and is proven to be a health hazard. The faeces of a dog can transmit diseases to other animals and to humans, especially young children. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that the dog's poop is cleaned up.

    • Collect your dogs poop in a poo bag, very similar to a nappy sack. A knot can be tied in the handles to seal them closed. The filled bag should either be carried home for safe disposal via the refuse bin or dog loo, or disposed of in any of the public waste disposal bins, provided across the Island.

    • States Works provide 32 dog poo bins around the island which are emptied weekly for your convienience. The location of these bins can be found pdf icon here. [488kb] Please use them!

    • If you see someone else leaving the mess from their dog on public land, you can ask them to pick it up. If they refuse, you are encouraged to contact States Works, the Agriculture Team or the Police with any details that may help lead to a successful prosecution (e.g. vehicle registration of dog owner/walker, description of dog and owner, etc). All calls will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

  • Emergency Response

    • States Works is a multi-disciplined organisation with resources ranging from skilled personnel to the largest vehicle fleet in Alderney. These resources not only complement the essential day-to-day services that we provide, they also support us in our role as one of the Island's Emergency Response resource - a 24-hour Island wide emergency call-out service operating throughout the year.

    • When a major incident or natural disaster occurs, fast and sustained remedial action can minimise the extent of the damage while provision for a permanent repair or longer lasting solution is made. 

  • Engineering Services

    • Drainage services 
      We operate the largest drain cleaning vehicle on the island which is used to clean the sewage and surface water networks. 
      Our specialist drainage gully sucker vehicles are used to cleanse surface water road gullies, small foul and surface water pipework and cesspits.

    • Electrical and Mechanical
      We provide a full range of predominantly commercial / industrial facilities management, mechanical and electrical installation, maintenance and repair services as outlined below. This work continues to be supplemented by contracts for private clients to maintain a balanced programme of work.

    • In addition to the skilled staff, we have a modern fully equipped workshop within which a range of fabrication, machining, precision turning, milling, welding and drilling can be undertaken in a controlled environment.

  • Land Management

    • Agricultural Team
      States Works has a small Agricultural Team which provides a range of services including general gardening, grounds maintenance and green-keeping at a range of sites across the Island. They also care for the upkeep of many public areas including footpaths, beach headlands and green lanes as well as public spaces such as Butes Playpark, St Anne's Churchyard, the Memorial Garden, Victoria Street and Nunnery Heritage Site, Longis. The team also carry out pest control as well as emptying the dog bins. 

    • Coastal Defense & Management
      States Works continues to carry out annual coastal defence works to vulnerable sections of our shores. The Islands geographical location, the local currents and the rising sea levels mean that there is a continuous requirement for coastal defence works. These are generally to the North and West coast as they are more susceptible to stormy conditions from the English Channel. Often, works will involve strategic rock armour placement, stone filled gabions, sand bag walls and reinforced concrete. The Breakwater which protects Braye Harbour and the area to the South, is maintained by the States of Guernsey. Ownership of the breakwater passed from the British government to the Bailiwick of Guernsey in 1987.

    • For more information click here.

  • Pest Control

    • The Agricultural team of States Works carry out a range of chemical and trap based pest control services.

    • Department qualifications include; The safe use of pesticides / Rodent control / Insect control.

    • Areas covered include; Rodents, Asian Hornets, Wasps, Bees and honey bee relocation, Ants, Weevils, Bed bugs and Fleas. 

    • More information can be found here.

    • Routine checks are available for households and businesses, followed up with pest control reports. Please contact us for details.

  • Portaloos

    • An accessible toilet block with baby change facilities and individual portaloo pods are available to hire from the States Works.

    • Contact us directly for further information or to book complete an pdf icon application form [280kb] and return it to States Works via email or the General Office.

  • Property Services

    • The States of Alderney has a portfolio of approximately 90 properties which require continuous maintenance. These responsibilities are split between the States Works Civil's and Agricultural Teams, who carry out regular maintenance to ensure States properties are kept to a good standard.

    • Although all mechanical and electrical services are outsourced to private contractors, the States Works Department will often work alongside contractors to ensure the non-technical part of their work is carried out within the department.

    • We are working towards making all States properties more energy efficient by installing energy efficient lighting such as LED's, thermally insulating to a high standard and installing motion sensors to areas such as public toilets and workshops. This will reduce both our running costs and our carbon footprint.

  • Public Toilets

    • States Works are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of 10 of the Island's public toilets including Braye beach, the harbour, Arch, Longis, Olliver Street, Marais Square, the Butes, Platte Saline and both graveyards.

  • Road Maintenance

    • States Works is responsible for the following aspects of the upkeep of public roads: 

      • The maintenance of the structure and wearing surfaces of the road network. This includes the carriageway (the roads themselves), and the footways (pavements).

      • Road cleansing

      • The management, collection and disposal of surface waters that fall on and/or pass under the road network (road drainage).

      • The management and maintenance of a variety of supporting infrastructure and environmental assets

      • The signing of road closures, traffic signals and street lighting.

  • Road Sweeping & Litter Control

    • States Works is responsible for cleaning of roads, pavements, and public disc-zone car parks, helping to keep the highways clear of litter and debris. This also includes dealing with fly tipping on roads and the build-up of leaves, or any other similar issues (as far as is practicable).

    • The Refuse Disposal (Alderney) Ordinance 1981 states that if a person drops, throws, deposits, or leaves anything that causes defacement in a public place; they are committing a littering offence and liable, on conviction, to a fine of one hundred pounds.

    • It is also an offence to leave litter or bagged litter near a litter bin as it is classed as fly-tipping.

  • Sewage Collection Service

    • The States Works sewage collection service operates by means of a scheduled emptying frequency or by request.

      Contact us directly to:

      •  make changes or set up your schedule for cesspit emptying
      •  request an Ad-hoc emptying

  • Waste & Recycling

    • States Works operate the Island's household bulk refuse scheme, collect glass, tins, plastic and general waste from the islands recycling sites and service the coastal refuse bins.

    • For further information about the collection of Household Waste click here.

    • States Works also has operational responsibility for the Island's Recycling Centre, Impot and Mannez Green Waste Disposal Site.

    • Find out more information about these sites, including acceptable items and opening times, click here.