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Commemorative Alderney Coins

Alderney is proud to issue its own commemorative coinage to honour the close relationship between the Island and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  

The States of Alderney are currently working with the Commonwealth Mint and Philatelic Bureau Limited.

Prior to 2017, coins were issued on Alderney's behalf by the Royal Mint.

The coins, issued to commemorate important events, inventions and people in our history, remain highly popular throughout the world with coin enthusiasts and collectors.

A new contract was signed early December 2023 with the Commonwealth Mint.

Policy & Finance Committee chairman Nigel Vooght said: "We look forward to a reinvigorated relationship with CWM that will provide the Island with increasing revenues in the coming years".

Unfortunately the States of Alderney no longer hold stocks of coins for sale.

Please contact the Commonwealth Mint for further details or to make enquiries of where coins can be purchased from, by emailing

Alderney Stamps

Alderney stamps are released annually as commemorative issues, backed up by a definitive set every decade. The stamps produced by Guernsey's Postal Administration, are updated when new values are required and are particularly popular with Continental Collectors.

Since the first issue, the stamps have continued to reflect the character of the island, with subjects including its military history (regiments that were garrisoned there and the forts which they manned), ships (both naval and civilian) and wildlife (mainly birds, but also marine life).

For more information on current and upcoming issues, please visit the Guernsey Post Stamps & Collectables.