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New planning guidance for Alderneys trees now available for public consultation - 17th January 2022

Press Release

Date: 17 January 2022

Issued at 0940 hrs

New planning guidance for Alderney's trees now available for public consultation.

Supplementary Planning Guidance to provide greater protection for Alderney's trees has been drafted and is now open to public inspection and consultation.

The Land Use Plan (LUP) of 2017 states that the Building and Development Control Committee (BDCC) will resist the cutting down of any living tree and seeks no net loss of trees on the Island. A net increase in the number of trees is encouraged.

However, there is provision for the BDCC to provide more detailed guidance where LUP policies are complex or clarification is needed.

Alderney is protective of its tree population not only for its visual amenity but also for ecological reasons. Healthy trees reduce carbon dioxide levels, filter and absorb pollution, absorb noise, produce oxygen, encourage wildlife, provide diverse habitats, act as windbreaks, screen unsightly structures, soften the hard lines of buildings and bring colour and contrast into built areas.

The Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for trees runs to more than 20 pages and provides information on the current laws and policies governing trees, together with:
• Seeking planning consent for removal and replacement of trees
• Notifying the Planning Office of dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees
• Planting advice
• Protection of trees on development sites
• Advice on pruning according to species
• Woodland and hedge planting

BDCC Planning Officer Tissie Roberts has drafted the SPG in accordance with Section 23A of The Building and Development Control (Alderney) Law 2002 as amended. If adopted after consultation, this will support LUP Policy IW13: Trees.

The digital document is available in the Downloads section or pdf icon click here [1Mb].

Printed copies may be collected by request from the Planning Office at Island Hall (email tel 820030).

Comments on the document must be submitted by midday on Monday 14 February 2022, by email or as written comments.