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Press Release - Alderney publishes new planning guidance leaflet - 23.01.23

Alderney publishes new planning guidance leaflet

An informative leaflet has been published by the States of Alderney to provide detailed guidance on planning permission for the public and developers.

'Statutory Planning Guidance' covers the process and requirements for seeking planning permission together with how the States deals with unauthorised works and derelict, unsightly or dangerous sites.

The leaflet sets out the essentials of The Building and Development Control (Alderney) Law 2002 as amended in 2018 which covers everything from erecting a garden shed to a new house, the removal of trees or a wall, or change of use for a building or a site.

It explains how the Building & Development Control Committee deals with applications and recommends pre-application advice which can save time and money by clarifying planning policy and what type of building is considered acceptable.

The leaflet explains the right of appeal against refusal or the conditions imposed and what happens if work is carried out illegally.

The leaflet is available at the Island Hall General Office, the Library, Visit Alderney and local estate agents, and can be viewed online at via the home page Services button then Planning & Building where you can browse this and other information about planning matters.




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