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Press Release - New States of Alderney appointments 31.01.2023

States of Alderney appointments reaffirm commitment to a closer working relationship with Guernsey

With its raft of annual appointments, Alderney's new administration has underscored its programme of closer co-operation with Guernsey.

As well as selecting individual Members to work with Guernsey's committees, the States has also set up a new Alderney Airport Runway Group to liaise with Guernsey officers over progress for the rehabilitation of Alderney Airport, which was agreed in the States of Deliberation at the end of last year.

This Group of four Members will support Guernsey Ports in developing and implementing the States of Guernsey resolution to lengthen the runway and redevelop the airport infrastructure with local input and assistance.

The new Group was set up by the Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) in its first meeting under the Chairmanship of Nigel Vooght in which special responsibilities were handed to six of its members who will liaise with various committees in Guernsey.

New Deputy Chairman Bill Abel will liaise with the Environment & Infrastructure Committee, Bruce Woodhead with the Economic Development Committee, Kevin Gentle with the Employment & Social Security Committee, Boyd Kelly with Health & Social Care, and Ian Carter with Education, Sport & Culture.

Mr Vooght himself will liaise with the States Trading Supervisory Board and Policy & Resources. He will also sit on the new Runway Group along with Mr Abel and the two Alderney representatives at the States of Deliberation, Steve Roberts and Alex Snowdon. These four also make up the Alderney Liaison Group.

In addition, Mr Snowdon is a member of the Committee for Health & Social Care and Mr Roberts was appointed to the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture in December.

Mr Vooght said: "Very positive relationships have been built up between the two islands through Brexit, the pandemic, providing stability for primary healthcare in Alderney and during discussions around the economy. The 'Working Together' programme, which is central to our thinking, has identified many areas where a closer co-operation will bring enormous benefits to the Bailiwick economy and with this in mind we have made a number of key appointments that will take the Island forward."

Meanwhile, all P&F Members now form the Air Transport Licensing Board. Other appointments include Ian Carter as Chairman of the Finance Committee and a new Housing Group consisting of Bruce Woodhead, Boyd Kelly, Lin Maurice and Bill Abel, with private equity specialist Patrick Puddle named as non-voting member.

The Energy Group has three specialist non-voting members in Matt Birmingham, Les Stewart and Laurence Page who will work with Mr Abel, Mr Gentle and Mr Woodhead.