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Press Release - Alderney households offered grants for connection to new sewer - 21.04.23

Media Release
Date: 21st April 2023
Issued at 0845 hrs

Alderney households offered grants for connection to new sewer.

Around 30 Alderney households are being offered a grant and a connection fee waiver to encourage them to link up to a new main sewer being constructed on the Western side of St Anne.

The States of Alderney agreed at its meeting on April 19 to offer a grant of up to £2,000 per household, subject to a criteria process and claim period, to encourage their connection to the Mouriaux to Platte Saline sewer as it is completed in phases.

Work currently underway will ultimately connect around 100 properties to the sewer with the work being carried out in five phases. The current phase two works will benefit around 30 homes and any wayleave arrangements between properties is a private matter between individual property and landowners.

In addition, connection fees payable by all properties on the Island have been repealed in order to encourage more households to switch where possible from outdated and costly septic tank and cesspit systems which require uneconomic emptying and disposal.

Until now, the connection fees charged have been £500 for a private dwelling, £1,000 for a commercial property and £2,000 for a hotel.

The installation of a main sewer from Les Mouriaux at the top of St Anne to Platte Saline to the north was identified some years ago as a preferred capital programme.

The first phase, mainly in the lower part of Le Petit Val, was completed in 2016 although a number of properties have yet to connect. Phase two will connect this part of the sewer to the current Platte Saline outfall and will include a pump and filtration system to screen non-biodegradable material to ensure it is not discharged into the sea.

The cost of phase two, including grants, is expected to be £207,000 - £13,000 under the 2023 capital budget originally allocated - which with preliminary costs budgeted in 2019 and 2022 brings the overall total phase two project cost to £247,000.

The States was told that the project will improve the quality of wastewater by removing damaging materials such as plastics and wet wipes and reduce costs incurred by subsidised septic tank emptying.

Lin Maurice, Chair of the General Services Committee, told the States assembly: "The Public Works Department is to be applauded for doing such a fine job in creating this project and bringing it to us under budget."

Future phases will connect properties at the eastern end of Platte Saline and the Wide Lane area.