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Press Release - Internal economic report commissioned ahead of Alderney Airport rehabilitation project - 31.05.23

Media Release
Date: 30th May 2023
Issued at 1310 hrs

Internal economic report commissioned ahead of Alderney Airport rehabilitation project.

Alderney's Economic Development Committee (EDC) has commissioned an internal report to better understand how an extended runway would affect its Island economy.

Professor David Hart of Clarity Economic Consulting visited Alderney last week to meet committee members and the Chamber of Commerce before preparing an internal report for EDC.

His brief is to examine how a larger fleet of aircraft with as many as 20,000 additional passengers a year would impact Alderney's tourism and business economy.

"This is an internal report to help EDC plan for its future after the Airport has been redeveloped, should it go ahead as currently scheduled," said EDC Chair Alex Snowdon. "We need to know where the opportunities lie so we have commissioned this report to better understand how to plan for the future.

"Being in fiscal union with Guernsey means it is essential we unlock the benefits to the economy as we become much more open for business. Improving transport links is key for growth as we move away from the current fragile service.

"As former Chief Economist at British Airways, Professor Hart is well placed to understand the likely effect on our economy, information we need in order to prepare for the outcome and plan ahead to make best use of the opportunities. I look forward to his report."

At the end of last year, the States of Deliberation gave its approval to the £24m scheme, of which £12m was set aside in 2019 with a further £3.5m pledged by the States of Alderney.

The States of Deliberation debates its capital expenditure projects, including the Alderney Airport rehabilitation, in July. Rehabilitation work to extend the runway and build a new terminal and fire station is scheduled to begin next year and is expected to be completed in Quarter 2 of 2025.