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Press Release - Thanks to responders 03.11.2023

Press Release
Issued: 13:35
Date: 3rd November 2023

Alderney update - Storm Ciaran

Following Storm Ciaran, it seems that damage suffered as a result was limited in its scope, thanks in part to the collective response of islanders. Fortunately, no significant injuries have been reported as a result of the storm, with the majority of people taking the advice of authorities and remaining indoors.

Emergency Services, health providers and States services worked collaboratively in the days before the storm in order to prepare the island, which undoubtedly limited its impact.  Early notification from the Jersey meteorological service, together with detailed planning for preparedness by the Alderney Operations Group stood the island in good stead during these extreme conditions.

The islands infrastructure was reinforced in both the Health and Social Care sectors with St John Ambulance and Rescue Service providing additional resilience, the latter sending over a Paramedic Officer deployed as an operational commander to support the island. This ensured that during the heightened period of the storm when no patient transfers could be undertaken by air or sea, there was additional medical support available on island.

The States Works team worked tirelessly in the immediate aftermath of the storm, clearing trees and setting up roadblocks where needed. The team also took action to limit damage to several buildings and assess the extent of repairs to be carried out in the clean up to follow. 

As the storm was declared a major incident, the Bailiwick was also able to call upon mutual aid from the UK, including military support should it have proved necessary.  Fortunately, this was not needed.

Lin Maurice, Chair of General Services Committee, said:

"I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the emergency services, States of Alderney government services, health providers and volunteers on behalf of the island of Alderney for your hard work over the last few days.  We are indebted to you for your unstinting dedication to the island's community.

"I should also like to pass on my thanks to the community for staying indoors when it was undoubtably tempting to see the results of the storm.  We must also offer our thoughts to residents across the Islands who are facing significant challenges as a result of damage to properties."

High winds and wet weather continue to be forecasted over the next few days and therefore Islanders are also requested to be mindful that already weakened structures and trees may still be vulnerable in the coming days.



QEII Street will remain closed on Friday 3/11/23 to undertake emergency works to a dangerous roof.

All States Departments will be operating as normal from 3/11/23, therefore both the Impot and Recycling Centre will be open.