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Roads & Parking

Alderney is criss-crossed by a network of roads, cobbled streets and lanes. There are no roundabouts or traffic lights on our small island and the speed limit is 35mph.

  • Maintence of Public Roads

    • States Works is responsible for the following aspects of the upkeep of public roads: 

      • The maintenance of the structure and wearing surfaces of the road network. This includes the carriageway (the roads themselves), and the footways (pavements).

      • Road cleansing

      • The management, collection and disposal of surface waters that fall on and/or pass under the road network (road drainage).

      • The management and maintenance of a variety of supporting infrastructure and environmental assets

      • The signing of road names, road closures, traffic signals and street lighting.

  • Road Works

    • A list of current and upcoming road works projects can be viewed here: Road Works This information is also posted to our Twitter feed @States_Alderney and on our Facebook page.

  • Parking 

    • All public parking in Alderney is free.  However, most on-street parking and car parks are marked as 'disc zone' and you must use an approved Parking Disc to indicate your time of arrival, day or night. 

    • Disc Parking zones are identified by blue signs bearing the words 'Disc Zone' which define the amount of time you can park in that zone.

    • The time limit for that particular zone starts from the time you arrive and park your vehicle.

    • Failure to set your clock (disc) at the correct time or if you re-set your clock without moving your vehicle may result in a fixed penalty notice being attached to your vehicle.

    • Parking Discs are available for purchase from the General Office £1.50. 

  • Accessible Parking (Blue Badge)

    • Driver & Vehicle Licensing operate a Blue Badge Scheme for people who are severely mobility impaired, are registered blind or claim severe disability allowance.

    • The badge permits a vehicle driven by or carrying a blue badge holder to park for up to two hours in half-hour and one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special accessible parking spaces marked with the internationally recognised wheelchair symbol and parking signs.

    • Most accessible parking spaces are not time restricted, however some are, so it is important to check parking signage. 

    • If you wish to apply for a Blue Badge you can contact the General Office on 820000 or follow this link for further information. Click here for an application form.  

    • If you are a driver and applying for the first time you will also need to submit a full medical report completed by your Doctor. The forms are held at the Island Medical Centre and the General Office.

    • Badges will be issued for a maximum period of 3 years.

  • Events

    • Please be advised that permission for road closures or traffic management for special events/occasions i.e. fetes, hill climbs and athletic races etc. must be obtained from the General Services Committee.