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Consultation - Amendments to Legislation administered by the Alderney Registry

Press Release
6th January 2023

The Alderney Company Registry is seeking views from industry and stakeholders on proposed changes to legislation administered by the Registry.

The Guernsey Registry is currently carrying out a review of the legislation that the Guernsey Registrar administers with respect to legal persons. It is therefore appropriate, alongside this review, for Alderney to evaluate the legislation that the Greffier acting in his capacity as the Registrar administers with respect to companies in Alderney. The legislation reviewed and subject to proposals comprises the Companies (Alderney) Law, 1994 and the Companies (Alderney) Law (External Companies) Ordinance, 1998.

The aim of the review is to achieve consistency in both legislation and practice and introduce more clarity, simplicity and uniformity in the oversight of legal persons administered by the Registry. The review also provides an opportunity to address points that have come to the Registrar's attention and apply recognised good practice.

A set of streamlining changes to the legislation is therefore proposed to provide greater accuracy and consistency in the information available to the Registrar, further enhance and harmonise the application of the Registry's enforcement measures and introduce greater operational efficiencies in practice.

Further information, including details of the proposed changes are included in the consultation document which can be found at and the Alderney Company Registry would welcome feedback from all stakeholders. Comments can be sent in by emailing a response to by 6 February 2023.