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Press Release - Post Brexit Trade Agreements

Alderney to have a finger on the pulse of post-Brexit trade agreements

The UK has committed itself to fast-track trade negotiations with the EU, and Alderney will play its part in deliberations over the Bailiwick's post-Brexit future.

The UK needs a clear understanding of Bailiwick objectives in matters such as fisheries, other uses for our territorial waters, financial services, immigration, trading arrangements, food and medicines regulations and e-commerce.

Since the 2016 UK referendum, a series of Brexit-related policy letters have been considered by Guernsey's States of Deliberation, States of Alderney and Chief Pleas of Sark - and recently, all three islands have agreed legislation to enable the Bailiwick to react speedily to externally imposed change.

The island's Policy and Finance Committee has now agreed to Guernsey's plans to establish the Future Partnership Delivery Group (FPDG), which will include representation from Alderney and Sark. This Group will champion the Bailiwick's interests in the UK-EU future relationship negotiations.

To ensure the process can move swiftly, P&F Chairman James Dent has been authorised to participate in FPDG deliberations. If Mr Dent is unavailable, a deputy will be named.

Both Guernsey's Policy & Resources and Alderney's Policy and Finance Committees believe it is critical that the Bailiwick speaks, when it can, with a common voice. If there are differences between the aspirations of the three jurisdictions then the Group will be the local referee.

A separate Trade Policy Advisory Panel (TPAP) has also been set up to consider the operational elements of the negotiations and act as a sounding board for the Bailiwick's industry and commerce.

"These negotiations between the UK and the EU are programmed to be very fast-paced so it's important that we have our collective finger on the pulse and Alderney is fully engaged so that our interests and red lines are taken into account," said Mr Dent.