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Permits & Licences

On this page you will find information on permits and licences you are required to obtain.

  • BBQ Licence

    • All persons intending to hold barbecues and/or beach parties etc. on States land (which includes beaches) after 8pm are reminded that a licence is required.
      A minimum notice of 24 hours must be given.

    • For the Beach Barbeque Application Form click pdf icon here [464kb] or see the downloads section of this page.

      During July and August there will be no licences issued to persons wishing to hold a Beach Party or Barbecue on Saye Bay or Arch Bay after 8pm.

      Beach barbeques should be lit well below the high tide mark and away from coastal dune or grassland vegetation. 

    • Please take your litter home with you or place it in an appropriate litter bin;

    • Take plastic items onto the beach rather than glass;

    • Barbeques and contained fires in a small fire bowl or bucket only:

      • Keep water nearby

      • Barbeque or fire to be lit below the high tide mark after 5pm and put out by midnight

      • In a spot where smoke wont disturb other people

      • Dowse embers thoroughly with water until cold and remove from the beach to a litter bin

      • Ensure the sand is dowsed with water until cold

    • Avoid disturbing wildlife;

    • Show respect for all other beach users;

    • Keep music to a respectful volume which does not disturb other beach users;

    • Ensure that you know the time and height of high tide.

  • Dog Licence

    • All dogs over the age of six months must be registered with the States of Alderney.

    • A dog licence must be applied for in person at the General Office. They must be renewed annually and cost £10 per year.

    • A numbered disc is issued with the Licence. Dogs must wear a collar and the disc at all times (replacement discs are available for a small fee).

    • Dogs are restricted from certain areas of the island at certain times of the year. To obtain a copy of The Dogs (Controlled Places) Ordinance 2002 clickpdf icon here. [106kb].

    • If you bring dogs to or from the island you will need an import or export licence which can be found here.

    • Dogs are not permitted on almost all of Alderney's beaches between 1st June and 15 September. 

  • Driving Licence

  • Firework Display Licence

  • Weapons Certificate

    • You must apply for a Weapons Certificate if you have in your possession any of the following weapons:

    • • Air Rifles and Air Pistols
      • Bows and Crossbows
      • Sporting Spear-guns
      • Shotguns
      • Pistols (Revolvers etc.)
      • Sporting Rifles etc.

    • For any other weapon or if you are in any doubt as to whether you need a weapons certificate please contact the Chief Executive's Office for advice.

    • To obtain a Weapons Certificate you must submit a completed pdf icon Weapons Certificate Application form, [1Mb] also available in the downloads section of this page or in person from the General Office.

    • Data Protection: This information will be processed in line with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017. Please click on the pdf icon Weapons Certificate Data Processing Notice [127kb] and for full details on how we look after your data.

    • For further guidance please see Weapons, firearms & explosives.

  • Weapons Import / Export Licence

    • If a dangerous weapon or ammunition is to be brought into or exported off  Island then an Import or Export licence is required.

    • To obtain a licence you must contact the Guernsey Border Agency.

  • Work Permit

    • Every person working in Alderney, whether for themselves or for an employer, must hold an Employment Permit (Work Permit). You will need to show your document to your new employer and they will need to take a copy of it. 

    • For further guidance please see Working in Alderney. 

    • Please note - Although the form is electronic - We do require a wet signature for both applicant and witness. This is for the purpose of the background check that is sent to Guernsey Police. 

  • Marriage Ceremonies on States Land

For further guidance contact the General Office.