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Press Release - Air Links

Alderney's compelling case for protecting its UK air link

Alderney's governing Policy & Finance Committee has reiterated its commitment to defending the Southampton air route after considering a number of reports and initiatives that show the importance of the island's connectivity.

The results of the recently published passenger survey help to fill a gap in understanding about the important role the Southampton route plays. The States Members have also been considering a wider analysis of the way in which the route supports Alderney's economy and its vital importance for economic development.

States Members also met to discuss progress of the Fort Tourgis proposals for a luxury hotel complex that would attract an additional 7,000 visitors a year, yielding almost £1m additional direct and indirect revenue a year to the Alderney and Guernsey economies and boosting air passenger movements on the Southampton route by 40% over the next five years.

Policy and Finance Committee Chairman James Dent said: "Investment in Fort Tourgis, or indeed any major new investment in Alderney, seems to be completely dependent on guarantees for Alderney's air links.

"The delay on investment decisions for Fort Tourgis is a direct consequence of the doubt and delay over the PSO decision."

The States Members intend to ensure that when the decision about the PSO is considered by the States of Deliberation, Guernsey Deputies are fully informed about the importance of the Southampton route and the implications for the Alderney and wider Bailiwick economies.

P&F also considers the assumption that passengers would happily travel via Guernsey is a fallacy. The cost in cash and time would mean that many would simply not travel at all or would cut back on the frequency of visits.