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Presidential Election Public Notice 2020

TAKE NOTICE that the States has resolved that the 2020 Presidential Election will take place on:-

Saturday, 14th November 2020

In the Members Room, Island Hall, Royal Connaught Square

The Polling Station will be open between

09:30 hours (9.30 a.m.) and 18:30 hours (6.30 p.m.)



Presidential Election- Nominations of qualified persons who wish to offer themselves for election as the President of the States of Alderney for a 4 year period of office must be submitted to the Chief Executive at the States Offices during the 7-day period ending:-

Wednesday, 4th November 2020

The nomination list will close at 16:00 hours (4.00 p.m.) on that day.



Residents on the Electoral Roll are reminded that should you be absent from the Island on Election Day, and you wish to vote, there are two alternatives open to you -

(1) Postal Vote - Application forms can be obtained from the office of the Chief Executive. However, it should be remembered that voting slips cannot be posted to you until they have been printed following closure of the nomination process.

(2) Proxy Vote - Application forms can be obtained from the office of the Chief Executive. You may nominate a relative or friend to cast a vote on your behalf on Election Day.

Applications for both postal and proxy voting must be registered with the Chief Executive at least two working days prior to the election - 5pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020.


Chief Executive Office

5th October 2020