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Media release - mothers' accounts of c-section during lockdown

First-time mum that underwent C-section during current lockdown is aiming to reassure expectant parents

Having undergone a c-section on Wednesday 27 January, Felicity Cornes, wants to share her experience to reassure any expectant parents that are worried about having their baby during lockdown.

HSC has currently implemented some additional safety measures to its maternity services to help minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Expectant mothers can have one birth partner with them at all times while they are in hospital other than any time they might need to spend in theatre, including having a c-section. A midwife will be by their side at all times, including during theatre.

After a long labour, Mrs Cornes had an emergency c-section in the early hours of Wednesday morning, giving birth to a girl, Tilly. Her husband Jake remained on Loveridge Ward while she was in theatre and met their new born daughter shortly afterwards.

Mrs Cornes said: 'Even though it wasn't the ideal situation we honestly couldn't have been more cared for and looked after. As long as baby and you are well that's all that matters.'

Head of Maternity and Paediatrics, Annabel Nicholas, said: 'We were delighted to welcome baby Tilly into the world and are equally delighted that the family are doing well. We know some expectant parents are worried, and hope the Cornes's story offers some reassurance to them.'

Mrs Cornes added: 'Any emergency and any unplanned c-section is scary but it was even more so because of COVID. At 12am when I was being wheeled down both Jake and I were crying, but for anyone worried or anxious at this time please don't be.

'The whole emergency operating team were absolutely amazing and honestly I was made to feel like the most important person in the world at that time. The team 100% took care of Tilly and I and made sure we were all ok.'

'In the meantime Jake was supported by the team on Loveridge Ward. He was able to stay after and do skin-to-skin and since then was supported by all of the team while I recover.'

The Cornes family went home from hospital on Friday 29 January.

Mrs Nicholas added: 'We are extremely pleased that the Cornes family felt so well looked after as that is what motivates our team, day-in day-out. We are so passionate about women and families having the best experience they can, whatever the circumstances. Hopefully the current restrictions won't be in place for long but we know that is no consolation to those affected. In the meantime we are committed to doing all we can to make your birthing experience as comfortable and safe as possible.'

A mother that underwent a c-section in April 2020 during the first lockdown has also spoken of her experience. She has asked to remain anonymous:

'I gave birth in April 2020 whilst the island was in full lockdown. I had previously had a natural birth, so when I ended up having to have a C-section (on medical advice) it was a bit of a surprise. I knew from the very start that my husband was not allowed in theatre, but again thought I would have a natural birth so didn't really think about it. The staff were all amazing and I received exactly the same care as when we were there for our first birth. In fact you would not think there was a world pandemic happening outside.

'The C-section itself went really well, obviously emotional not having my husband there. I asked the doctors and midwives not to tell me the sex of the baby until we got back to the ward so we could reveal together. The midwife was with me the whole time and even managed to get some photos for me. I think my husband actually had the worst wait as he was stuck in the ward with nervous energy for 2 hours, for me it went very quick.

Afterwards we were offered a private room where my husband stayed for the duration of my stay in hospital. The experience was different, but you just have to remember the entire process of wanting to have a child is to get to the end result of a healthy baby being delivered, and that is what happened. Sometimes life does not go to plan, but you just have to deal with it and in this case something was bizarrely special about it. I hope to look back in years to come and recall that sad period of COVID-19, but also recall the joy of life that came when we had our little boy during it.'

As it is currently a busy time on the Loveridge Ward, the team is asking that all non-urgent queries are directed to the Community Midwives on They will respond as soon as they possibly can. Anyone that is in labour or has an urgent query should contact Loveridge Ward on 01481 707377. Please be assured, our maternity team is here for you 24-7.