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Press Release - Dive Contract

Seasonal Moorings - Dive Contract 2021

A UK dive contractor has been appointed to service and check the harbour moorings for this season. Local divers were approached to carry out the contract but due to time pressure were unable to mobilise in time. It is hoped that next year the local team will be able to carry out this contract. Boyd Kelly Chairman of the General Services Committee said "Like the Harbour Master I am disappointed we cannot use local divers but am grateful to him and his team for organising the process whereby the off island team can carry out this essential work"

The divers are due on Island the 05th of April and will work until all moorings have been serviced. The Harbour Authority has worked closely with Public Health and Border Agency to ensure there are control measures in place to protect the harbour staff and the population. The Dive team will work isolated from the population and harbour team. A single member of the harbour team will also be working with the dive team, they will be subject to the same testing and isolation measures as the divers.

We look forward to the moorings being cleared for use and welcoming boat owners from the Bailiwick. We anticipate another successful year of increased numbers of Guernsey and Sark vessels vesting Alderney.