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Economic Development Committee


  • Mandate

    • General Responsibilities

      • To advise the States and monitor and make recommendation to the States on all matters within its areas of responsibility.

      • To initiate, pursue and report to the States upon matters affecting the economy of the Island, including immigration, population, employment, industry, and e-commerce, insofar as those areas affect the economy, and to develop an economic plan.

      • To operate in accordance with the States of Alderney Rules of Procedure, the Rules of Procedure for States Committees, States policies and extant States resolutions.

      • To be responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Tourist Industry.

      • To liaise with any other appropriate bodies and to consult with the general public on matters relating to its responsibilities.

      • To be responsible for public communications relating to its responsibilities.

      • To liaise with the Policy and Finance Committee in relation to EDC's budgetary and legislative requirements.

      • To exercise functions conferred on the Committee by legislation and extant States resolutions.

    • Specific Responsibilities

      The Committee is responsible for the following specific matters except where other committees have functions under legislation or extant States resolutions -

      • Promoting the reputation of the island as a centre for tourism and innovative commerce and industry;

      • The promotion and development of all sectors of business, including, but not limited to; tourism, transport, energy, e-gambling, hospitality, construction, creative industries, digital, financial services, agriculture, fishing, horticulture, intellectual property, manufacturing, media, retail, and any other sectors that become significant to the Island's prosperity;

      • Research and development of products and methodologies that will stabilise and grow the economy;

      • Securing the provision of air and sea passenger transport links to and from the island of Alderney;

      • Stimulating and securing inward investment at the corporate and individual level;

      • Developing the capacity and range of labour skills necessary to sustain economic prosperity; and

      • Encouraging competition, innovation, diversification, and appropriate regulation in the economy.

    • Other areas for which Responsible

      The Committee is responsible for the following areas except where other committees have functions under legislation or extant States resolutions -

      • Grant funding for small businesses or events that will have a direct effect on the island's economy; and

      • Statistical data, insofar as relevant to the development of the economy of the island of Alderney.   

  • Meetings

    • The Economic Development Committee meet every month, except August. A calendar is available via the downloads section on this page. 

  • Agendas and minutes

  • Data Protection

    • For details regarding how the Committee processes personal data, please see the Data Protection page.