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Press Release - States Working Groups to deliver 2024 programme 23.01.2024

Date: January 23rd 2024
Issued at 16:00 hours

Policy & Finance names Working Groups to deliver its 2024 programme

Alderney's Policy & Finance Committee (PFC) has announced the Working Groups it has set up to deliver various components of its 2024 programme.

Earlier this month the Committee's Chairman Nigel Vooght released a video outlining key aspects of the Island Plan that would be progressed this year. The film, A Big Year for Alderney, can viewed by clicking the link on the States of Alderney homepage at

Mr Vooght said: "Our first committee meeting of the year focused on how we will deliver the programme and this included the make up of several Working Groups to drive forward the building blocks of the 'hierarchy of needs' that we have identified.

"We have also made several individual appointments of States Members who will liaise with their Guernsey counterparts over various transferred services."

The Working Groups are:

  • Good Governance Group - Kevin Gentle, Bruce Woodhead, Alex Snowdon, Ian Carter and one non-voting member.
  • Housing Working Group - Bruce Woodhead, Derwent Smithurst, Lin Maurice and Steve Roberts.
  • Energy Working Group - Bill Abel, Kevin Gentle and Bruce Woodhead, plus three non-voting members, will continue their work through to completion this Spring.
  • Marine Working Group - set up at the end of last year to explore commercial opportunities for future offshore wind and tidal energy in Alderney's waters: Bill Abel, Kevin Gentle, Bruce Woodhead, Lin Maurice and one non-voting member.
  • Finance Group - Ian Carter (Chairman), Lin Maurice, Bruce Woodhead and Bill Abel.
  • Alderney Airport Runway Group - Nigel Vooght, Alex Snowdon, Steve Roberts and Bill Abel.

Ian Carter was appointed Deputy Chairman of PFC and all of the Committee's 10 Members will form the Air Transport Licensing Board. Liaison with the Alderney Housing Association is the responsibility of Bruce Woodhead, and Kevin Gentle continues as liaison with the Connaught Care Home.

The Members nominated for liaison with the States of Guernsey are:

  • Committee for Environment & Infrastructure - Lin Maurice
  • Committee for Health & Social Care - Boyd Kelly
  • Committee of Employment & Social Security - Kevin Gentle
  • Committee for Home Affairs - Lin Maurice
  • Committee for Education, Sport & Culture - Ian Carter
  • Committee for Economic Development - Bruce Woodhead
  • Committee for Policy & Resources and the States Trading Supervisory Board - Nigel Vooght



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