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Press Release - Alderney Statement to the States of Guernsey 24.01.2024

Press Release
Date: January 24th 2024
Issued at 1600 hours

'Alderney working to benefit the whole Bailiwick' - report to the States of Deliberation

A picture of Alderney taking measures to 'balance the books' and improve its economy to the benefit of the whole Bailiwick was presented today (January 24th) to the States of Deliberation in Guernsey.

Alderney representative Steve Roberts said the Island shares the same agenda for change as Guernsey and was focused on the sustainability of public finances, securing core services for the community and fostering economic growth.

Examples of the close co-operation with Guernsey are healthcare, especially in stabilising primary healthcare provision, supporting the Bailiwick's collective position with MoneyVal, giving its backing to educational reforms and creating economic opportunities.

"Alderney already punches above its weight, the Gambling Commission being an obvious example, but we know that there is further untapped potential which would benefit not just Alderney but the Bailiwick as a whole," said Mr Roberts. "Work has been allocated to four pillars of activity - Tourism and Marketing, Business and Commerce, Locate Alderney and Digital Infrastructure."

The forthcoming Braye Opportunity Area Masterplan and the implementation of an energy strategy to deliver a third of Alderney's power through renewables within three years are examples of the Island's determination to prosper even when there are economic headwinds.

He emphasised the importance of the Alderney Airport Rehabilitation project approved by the States of Deliberation in December 2022. "The States of Alderney continues to do all it can to support the project which is now the subject of a live planning application," he said. 

Mr Roberts' full report can be read at the following link:



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