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Press Release - Removal of abandoned boats 05.02.2024

Date: February 5th 2024
Issued at 1140 hours

Crackdown on abandoned boats at Alderney Harbour

Boats and vessels abandoned at Alderney's Harbour estate are to be sold or disposed of in a move agreed by the General Services Committee (GSC) to tidy the area and reclaim historic storage debt.

"There are vessels within the Harbour estate which have been abandoned or unclaimed and whose ownership is indeterminable," said Harbour Master Adam Rose.

Vessels that have accrued unpaid storage charges over several years are to be advertised for sale. Attempts to contact their owners have been unsuccessful.

In addition, the Harbour estate contains many vessels and items of discarded property which are in a derelict or unseaworthy condition and remain unclaimed. Removal notices placed on these expired in January although some items have been claimed and removed from the Harbour estate.

GSC took into consideration its duties under Section 61 (Removal of Boats) of the Building and Development Control (Alderney) Law 2002.


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