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Alderney has so much to offer. Whether it's for business or a better quality of life, relocating to here couldn't be easier. Discover an environment that is safe, with low crime rates and one that helps business to flourish and a lifestyle that helps you reconnect with the good things in life. To learn more about the islands aspirations and its goals, the Island Plan Document can be found here

  • Living and Working in Alderney

    • Work-life balance can be described as the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritises the demands of one's career and the demands of one's personal life. Having a good work life balance not only promotes individual and family well-being but also promotes individuals productivity as an employee and in turn proving to be beneficial for employers. 

    • Alderney has many potential business ventures and opportunities available and still presents the luxury of enjoying quality time with family, not accumulating days per month commuting into the city or town and being only two minutes by car to the nearest attraction, whether that is a hotel, eatery, hostelry, heritage site or the beach. Established sporting clubs available for use including golf, tennis, cricket, squash and football not to mention swimming and fishing in Alderney's open waters.

    • For more information please see our pdf icon Locate Alderney guide [3Mb], also in the download section of this page. also gives a great overview of our island

  • Tax Advantages

    • There are tax advantages living in Alderney which include:

      • No tax on trust whose beneficiaries live outside the island 

      • No inheritance tax

      • No Capital Gains Tax

      • No Value Added tax (VAT)

      • A maximum of 20% income tax - Alderney's tax is administered by Guernsey.

      • No corporation tax
        (exceptions include specified banking activities, regulated utilities and income derived from Guernsey properties)

    • As part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Alderney has all the tax advantages of its channel island neighbours, however the island does not have the restrictive residency qualifications requirements of Guernsey and Jersey.

  • Property

    • Housing Market
      Alderney's housing market currently has some 100 properties available to purchase. The prices of these properties range from £100k to £2m. Boasting traditional buildings, Scott-frame housing, modern homes, alternative designs and renovation projects, there are a wide variety of properties available to suit the taste of a whole range of individuals.

      Alderney's housing market can be described as "open market" and the Average House Price in Quarter 1 of 2020 was £229,779. There are also few restrictions on ownership of land or property or on the occupancy of existing dwellings. This means that any citizen of a country within the European Union or Commonwealth can buy a property in Alderney. Those who are not subjects of His Majesty or do not hold EU passports would need to apply to the court and the Lieutenant Governor for permission to purchase property.

      Commercial Property Market
      There are commercial premises available to purchase on Alderney, these can host a range of business needs; retail, eateries, hostelry, hospitality, e-commerce and internet based "business to business" ventures.

      Purchasing Land to Build
      Alongside the housing market, there are building plots that can be purchased on Alderney. Subject to planning permission, there is the opportunity to build a new dwelling. Some of the latest proposals and designs include eco-friendly homes with low-to-no carbon footprint, smart homes and latest design Avrame homes with potential off grid capability.

    • Unlike the other Channel Islands there are few restrictions on purchasing property in Alderney whether residential or commercial. Anyone who is a national of one of the countries of the European Union is able to buy property on the island. Those who are not subjects of His Majesty or do not hold EU passports would need to apply to the court and the Lieutenant Governor for permission to purchase property. For further guidance please contact the Alderney Court.

    • The island estate agents Bell and Co Ltd or Hawkesford can provide information about buying or renting a property and matters to take into consideration.

  • Business Opportunities

    • Alderney has the perfect infrastructure to give small to medium sized businesses what they need, given the substantial investment in the islands broadband connectivity in the last two years, there is a natural fit with eCommerce companies, geographically portable businesses and other online employment ventures.

    • The island is in the unique position of having superfast broadband connectivity, ideal for the ever evolving digital world. In 2018 the connection upgrade by Sure almost doubled the average speeds of previous connectivity, meaning increased support for local businesses, social networking, communication between individuals and friends, and enabling children and adults to learn. The bailiwick has also been a test bed for 5G mobile connectivity, which reportedly has been recording speeds of as high as 910mbps.

    • At present, the most common of eCommerce businesses found on Alderney are those associated with eGaming, many of which are back-office operations. However, there are a number of other entrepreneurial businesses operating on the island.

      Regulatory Environment
      The Channel Islands are renowned for the stability of government and for the highest standards of regulation, accompanied by a sound judicial system. The island's government has introduced legislation to facilitate the development of eCommerce on the island and to support the electronic transactions of business in straightforward non-bureaucratic form thus providing an ideal framework.

      For guidance on business opportunities in Alderney please visit:

  • Moving to Alderney with Children

    • If you are moving to Alderney with children, you can find more information about schools here.

    • Alderney has a wide range of activities and clubs for children from tennis, to football, to scouts, boxing and dancing, to name but a few, all of which are run by dedicated volunteers.

    • There are facilities for young children including a swing and skate park. Alderney Sports Foundation is also injecting funds into the local sporting clubs to invest in our children's futures with the vision of erecting a sports hall and more indoor facilities in years to come.

  • Register before you relocate

    • Registration
      The admission and stay of persons other than British citizens is governed by the Border Agency.

    • Queries for British (Alderney) citizenship may be made through the Guernsey passport office. There is also general information online at

    • Whether you are a British citizen or not, if you plan on working, you will need a Work Permit.

    • If you are moving here for the first time, or are returning after a period of absence, you will need to register with Guernsey Social Security and Guernsey Income Tax. You may also be eligible to register to vote.

      Professional advice from a tax consultant familiar with Guernsey/Alderney tax laws is strongly recommended. 

    • Medical
      Alderney's local GP is "The Island Medical Centre" and hospital is "Le Mignot Memorial Hospital". There is no NHS in the island and no reciprocal health agreement with the UK, so you should consider insurance, which is available from a range of private providers. New residents should also be aware that the GP practice is private and you will have to pay for your consultation. Specialist/consultant treatment is often free for residents on referral from your GP For medical conditions and situations beyond the capability of the two set ups there is the Princess Elizabeth hospital in Guernsey which has a referral system in place for Alderney residents, the PEH acts as the parent institution to the MMH..

    • For further guidance please click here.

    • Education
      There is education and schooling available on Alderney from 2 years old through to GCSE Years.

    • Adult learning is available at St Anne's school in the Alderney Computing Flexi Centre it offers a wide variety of computer based courses from spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing and word processing to website design.

    • You can find more information about schools here.              

    • Bringing your Vehicle to Alderney
      All vehicles, including motor cycles, require a Vehicle Import Permit.

    • Any vehicle that arrives in Alderney without a permit will be detained by Customs until an application form is completed, fee paid and permit issued. Documentary evidence of un-laden weight is required. Once on island the vehicle will also need to be re-registered in Alderney within 14 days of arrival -  there is currently no annual Vehicle Excise Duty. 

    • Your Driving Licence
      Alderney operates its own Driver Licensing and new residents are required to apply within one year of arriving in the island.

    • For further guidance to importing items to the island please click here.

  • Bringing Animals to the island

    • If you intend to bring animals to the island you will require a licence to import (Import Forms can be found here): 

      • Animals and Birds (including horses)

      • Cats and Dogs

      • Endangered Species

    • Alderney is Rabies-free and only cats, other domestic animals and dogs originating from the British Isles or cleared through an authorised UK harbour may be landed in Alderney, once they have been cleared by the Alderney Customs Authorities.

      However, under the Pet Travel Scheme, cats and dogs may also be imported from St. Malo, France - via Guernsey or Jersey - exclusively with Condor Ferries. Otherwise a 6-month quarantine applies. Animals travelling from other countries require an import licence and may be subject to 6 months quarantine.

      Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa or any other type of dog which appears to have been bred for fighting may not be imported.

      All dogs over the age of six months must be registered with the States of Alderney. Find out more about Dog Licences on the Permits & Licences page.

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